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Bold and Beautiful Kitchen Cabinet Spray Project in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Kitchen cabinet painting Winnipeg MA

This family just purchased this home & were making changes to décor to update & make it their own. The kitchen was a sore spot with its dated golden colour. The kitchen had qualities that make it an ideal candidate for Kitchen Cabinet Spraying & other details that were less desired to the homeowners.

We were entrusted to update the crown moulding at the top of the cabinets with something a little bit more modern, tighten the opening surrounding the microwave oven, as well as raise the small cabinet above the refrigerator to make room for a modern sized appliance.

This is a service we often supply, and our Carpenter Ihor was up to the challenge.

Ihor removed the cabinet doors and drawer fronts for our spray team and delivered them to our shop for off-site preparation & spraying.

Onsite, we prepared the kitchen as best we could to allow for as little evidence of our invasive task inside the home. Separating the kitchen from the rest of the house and protecting areas not requiring a new finish, was job #1.

Cleaning the cabinets to remove hand oils, cooking grease and other possible contaminants was next. This is key to proper adhesion of the primer and longevity of the sprayed topcoats.

Masking the cabinets boxes comes next. The shelves specific to this cabinet have a small wooden edge somewhat unique & this added a little bit more challenge to our masking preparation. This detail looked sharp once finished but was a bit painstaking to look after.

The cabinets were then sprayed with a stain sealing bonding primer to hide any tannin blead from the natural wood cabinets, as well as providing a well adhered foundation for the high-performance kitchen cabinet coating.

Sanding follows the primer and is most important to the look. The sandable primer smooths down to a buttery surface & perfect for the new finish. To manage dust, we use a special Hepa filtered dust extractor attached to an electric sander that collects almost 90% of the dust from sanding. This combination ensures we keep dust in your space to a minimum and our workspace optimal for finishing.

Finally, we are ready to spray the finish we have all been waiting for. Just like all painting projects, the work really is in the preparation and the finishing is a relatively small part of the project, but receives all the credit!

Once the sprayed finish is dry to the touch, we remove the masking and move on to re-installing the shop sprayed doors and door fronts.

Our Carpenter Ihor, returned to our client’s home and reinstalled the doors he removed at the beginning of the project. Ihor is careful to adjust the doors to operate as best possible and fit squarely back in place.

The finished look is beautiful. The colour selections by our client are bold and set off the surrounding colours in a way that our team could not have imagined. Congratulations on this stunning new look!

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