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Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing FAQs

Q. Will I have access to my kitchen during the onsite finishing?

A. In most cases for 2 days the kitchen will be off limits.

Q. Do I have to empty my cabinets?

A. Yes. When we arrive for the onsite spraying, we will need full access. We would appreciate easy access to hinges at doors and screws at the drawer fronts for pick-up on day 1.

Q. What if my Cabinets require repairs?

A. Our finishing team can repair many defects and our staff carpenter can take on larger repairs

Q. My Cabinet needs some minor modification, can you do that?

A. Our staff carpenter can handle any repairs, additions and modifications

Q. Can you change the location of my cabinet door handles?

A. Yes

Q. Do you paint the edges of my cabinets and the shelving?

A. Yes. All wood edging or wood look edging will be coloured to match the cabinetry.

Q. Do you paint the inside of the Cabinets?

A. Sometimes the interior is worn and needs a fresh update. We can paint the inside of cabinets if required. Some cabinets have a matching wood-stained interior which often requires a new finish.

Q. Do you paint behind or beside the stove?

A. We typically mask the stove and paint the face of the cabinets.

Q. Do you remove the hood vent above my stove to paint?

A. If the sides of your existing cabinets will be seen following spraying, we will ask you to remove or arrange for removal.

Q. Can you spray my built-in wine rack?

A. Yes but we will need to see yours to determine the complexity of this project.

Q. Do I need to remove my dishwasher?

A. We typically mask the dishwasher.

Q. I am getting a new counter and back splash and wonder what I should do first?

A. The counter and backsplash typically are done first

Q. I am painting the walls and ceilings in my kitchen. Should I paint before or after the cabinet spraying?

A. After the cabinets

Q. Can you spray bathroom Vanities as well?

A. We sure do!

Q. Can you Spray my Fireplace mantel or Staircase railings?

A. Yes & Yes!

Q. How soon can I re-load my cabinets?

A. 1 day after we finish our onsite work you can re-load your cabinets. Any horizontal surfaces we have coated, like shelves, should wait 7 days or more for full cure.

Q. How soon after spraying my cabinets can I clean the painted surface?

A. For dust the cabinets can be wiped 24 hours after spraying. For heavier dirt, please wait up to 30 days for full cure of the coating prior to using a detergent.

Q. How do I clean my cabinets after you have sprayed them?

A. We recommend water only. Use plenty of water to float and release the dirt and wipe dry with a clean cloth. For grease or hand oils, use a very mild detergent.

Q. Do I need to remove my kitchen cabinet kick plates for them to be painted?

A. No. There is an additional charge for finishing kitchen bacinet kick plates in our shop.

Q. If I make modifications to my kitchen cabinets prior to your arrival is that something you need to know about?

A. Yes. Some modifications may have implications on our finishing process and we may need advance notice to prepare properly. Also, additional work created by your modifications may require a change to your quotation.

Q. Does masking to protect our home which creating a "bubble" have any impact on the walls, ceilings, or floor?

A. There is a possibility that the tape used to fasten the walls wings and floor could pull old paint off. We use tape specifically for adhesion to previously coated surfaces & use caution to make every effort not to damage.

Q. If paint is removed from my walls or ceiling due to the masking you do, will you fix it?

A. Although we cannot take responsibility for previous coating application, if you have the previous coatings available, we will repair the individual spots for you at no charge, up to one hours work.

Q. How soon after painting my kitchen and re-finishing my hardwood floors are you able to start our cabinet refinishing project?

A. Minimum 30 days. This should allow your new coatings to cure and properly adhere to the surface.

Q. Do I need to clean my cabinets before you arrive?

A. Yes. We will wash and chemically treat your cabinets in our shop to prepare for new coatings. If your cabinets have not been regularly cleaned, we would prefer not to remove cooking grease and hand oils that have accumulated over time.

Q. What should I clean my cabinets with?

A. Cabinets should be cleaned with a mild dish detergent. Products such as Murphy's oil soap, lemon oil, or pledge should never be used to clean your cabinets. These products leave behind a residue that will make application of new coatings either difficult or impossible.

Q. Can I change my handles or knobs to a new style?

A. Yes. Be sure to order the exact same size that you currently have.

Q. How do I measure my handles to know what size to replace them with?

A. Measure on the inside of your cabinet dor from the center of one screw to the centre of the other. Measure in both mm and inches.

Q. Can you install new handles that I have purchased?

A. Yes. We can install your new handles for you. The handles must be available when we return to install your doors and drawer fronts. If not available there will be an additional charge to return.

Q. How durable is the finish you put on my cabinets?

A. The finish we apply is the same as used by new cabinet manufacturers and provides years of durability and washability.

Q. What may cause the finish to crack or chip?

A. The coating we use is very durable. However, if you damage the finish with a knife or drop a frying pan on an edge there is a possibility of damage.

Q. Will the change in seasons and humidity affect my cabinet finish.

A. it is possible if your home is very dry in the winter or you have a door/ drawer with multiple piece construction for the finish to crack at joints. The cracks tend to be very slight and will shrink again as the humidity returns. This is typical of all coatings on wood including stained & clear finishes.

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