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Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing FAQs

Q. Will I have access to my kitchen during the onsite finishing?

A. In most cases for 2 days the kitchen will be off limits.

Q. Do I have to empty my cabinets?

A. Yes. When we arrive for the onsite spraying, we will need full access. We would appreciate easy access to hinges at doors and screws at the drawer fronts for pick-up on day 1.

Q. What if my Cabinets require repairs?

A. Our finishing team can repair many defects and our staff carpenter can take on larger repairs

Q. My Cabinet needs some minor modification, can you do that?

A. Our staff carpenter can handle any repairs, additions and modifications

Q. Can you change the location of my cabinet door handles?

A. Yes

Q. Do you paint the edges of my cabinets and the shelving?

A. Yes. All wood edging or wood look edging will be coloured to match the cabinetry.

Q. Do you paint the inside of the Cabinets?

A. Sometimes the interior is worn and needs a fresh update. We can paint the inside of cabinets if required. Some cabinets have a matching wood-stained interior which often requires a new finish.

Q. Do you paint behind or beside the stove?

A. We typically mask the stove and paint the face of the cabinets.

Q. Do you remove the hood vent above my stove to paint?

A. If the sides of your existing cabinets will be seen following spraying, we will ask you to remove or arrange for removal.

Q. Can you spray my built-in wine rack?

A. Yes but we will need to see yours to determine the complexity of this project.

Q. Do I need to remove my dishwasher?

A. We typically mask the dishwasher.

Q. I am getting a new counter and back splash and wonder what I should do first?

A. The counter and backsplash typically are done first

Q. I am painting the walls and ceilings in my kitchen. Should I paint before or after the cabinet spraying?

A. After the cabinets

Q. Can you spray bathroom Vanities as well?

A. We sure do!

Q. Can you Spray my Fireplace mantel or Staircase railings?

A. Yes & Yes!

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