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Q. Are you a franchise?

A. No. We get asked this quite often, and it is usually a result of our professional image. Local companies can look professional too, and that's one of our goals.

Q. Are you insured?

A. Absolutely. We carry Two Million Dollars in Liability Insurance, and all our Painters are covered by Workers' Compensation Insurance and must be able to pass a Drug Screen and Back-Ground Check.

Q. Do I have to open my windows to AIR OUT the house?

A. This is a popular misconception. When using modern materials such as Acrylic Paints, there is rarely the need to open a window for circulation. In many cases, we will close them and ask for the heat or Air Conditioning to be on to control humidity and drying of the paint products. Fall, Winter, and Spring are equally appropriate times to complete interior painting projects.

Q. Do you do Interiors & Exteriors?

A. Sure do. We get asked this very often. We specialize in repainting. We work on interiors and exteriors as well as homes, offices, and warehouses. For many of our clients, we have done their Office, Home, and Cottage.

Q. Do you do other things besides painting, like drywall repairs, wallpaper, or carpentry?

A. We try to look after as many of the small jobs you have that relate to your paint job. We will repair all cracks in drywall and plaster, and our wall covering Installer is capable of installing most wall covering. As well, if you require a new baseboard, crown moulding or rotted wood repair, our finishing carpenter can get it done.

Q. Do you have a Warranty?

A. Absolutely. We are happy to offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all projects. Satisfied clients lead to long term relationships, and there is no better way to build a business. We also offer a performance warranty of 1 Year on Interior Projects and 2 Years on Exterior Projects. We give a copy of all of this in detail during your estimate appointment. After a full 16 Years in business, you can be assured we will be AROUND should you have any warranty concerns.

Q. Do you help choose colours?

A. We have an Interior Designer that can help you choose colours that YOU like and best suit your existing furniture and YOUR tastes.

Q. Do you move the furniture?

A. Of course, we do! We ask you to move all of your pictures, art, and delicates.

Q. Do you refinish bathtubs?

A. Yes. We have successfully refinished many tile and steel tub/ enclosures.

Q. Do you supply the paint?

A. Almost always. We want you to use the best paint that you can afford. We will query your needs and make suitable recommendations. We will also work with your paint as it is a prominent brand of good quality.

Q. Do you use Sub-Contractors?

A. No. All of our painters are employees. They are paid by the hour and are trained to carry out your project, as agreed. As employees, we can be sure our Painters will be motivated to complete your project as we have decided and will not earn more by cutting corners.

Q. Do you work nights and weekends?

A. Yes. Whenever we work in offices, we will work when we are creating the least disruption and can be the most efficient. This often means evening, overnight, or weekend work.

Q. How do I schedule my project?

A. Our Office Manager schedules all of our projects and can arrange a time that best works for us both. Call our office at 204-452-3633 or email We will give you a specific start date and call you the week before to confirm the exact day.

Q. How Long have you been in business?

A. Over 16 Years. We have been in business since the fall of 1992 and officially in February 1993.

Q. How many employees can I expect to work on my job?

A. Our crews work in teams of two and often three. Led by our Lead Painter, our crews may grow to accommodate larger projects and shrink to adjust for smaller ones.

Q. I've got three quotes, and the prices are high, low, and all over the place. Why?

A. The cost of the job is usually determined by the level of thoroughness, attention to detail, and quality desired. Here are several factors that have an impact on the bid price: It costs more to properly prepare a surface for painting than to give it the "quick once over." The extra care and effort to protect your furnishings, and landscaping takes more time. There is also an investment to professionally train painters and provide them the highest quality paints, tools, and supplies to give you the best results. We would be happy to review - in detail - our calculations for your project so you can make a fair comparison with other bids.

Q. If I take my picture down, will you fill the holes?

A. Part of all our preparation is to fill nail holes and cracks. If you leave a hook, so will we. If you remove it, we will fill it.

Q. The last time we painted there was dust everywhere, how do you deal with that?

A. Our crews are experts at containing dust and cleaning up any debris we create. Extensive whole house plaster and drywall repairs can create excessive airborne dust. We take all precautions to minimize residual dust.

Q. What are "VOC's?

A. Volatile Organic Compounds. This is what can be found in the gases that escape from the paint as it cures. Better quality acrylic paints often have a lower voc's/ lb. rating.

Q. What are your standard payment terms?

A. We take a 10% deposit to hold your spot in our schedule. Final Payment is due on completion of your project and your complete satisfaction.

Q. What is your Warranty?

A. We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all our projects. As well, we offer 1 Year Warranty on Interior Projects and 2 Years on Exteriors.

Q. What steps do you take to protect our property? Interior, Exterior

A. We will take precautions to leave your interior and exterior property as good or better than when we arrived. We carry our own vacuums and protective tape, plastic and clean drop sheets. We do not apply paint to surfaces we have not been asked to, such as stained woodwork. Exterior protection starts right from the pressure wash, where we do our best to protect flowerbeds, lawns, and rooftops from flaking paint as it is removed. We continue to safeguard during scraping and sanding right through to the painting to protect from any drips. Protection and clean-up are a large part of the cost of any professional paint job.

Q. When can I expect to receive an estimate?

A. In most cases, a quote will be prepared and presented to you during your quote appointment.

Q. Who does the painting?

A. Our crews are made up of experienced professional painters led by our Lead Painters and assisted by skilled painters and apprentices. We do not use sub-contracted labour which means you are dealing with Colour Scheme Professional Painters at all times, are fully insured, and all concerns will be dealt with by us.

Q. Will my interior painting project smell?

A. Typically interior paint projects have some odour. Acrylic paints, which are most commonly used, have little or no odour. We have never had a complaint about Acrylic paint smells in Winter or Summer.

Q. Will you complete my job from start to finish without interruption?

A. We take pride in arriving prepared to complete your project as efficiently as possible and remaining on site until fully complete.

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