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Home Painting Tips What You Need to Know About Interior Paint Colour Trends

What You Need to Know About Interior Paint Colour Trends

This has been quite a year for home improvement projects. With everyone sticking around the house as part of the stay in place guidelines, it's been the ideal time to make decisions about your house.

As the time draws near to hire your painting contractor and start freshening up the look of your interior, it means making choices about the colours. This is something that your professional painter should discuss with you before the interior painting starts.

However, why not take a moment to begin to prepare yourself for what colours you want to consider. While you want to avoid fads that will be gone by next month, knowing about trends that will remain popular for a while is a whole other story.

What Paint Colours Belong on Your Walls?

The hue of the paint on your walls determines the mood. The colour can make or break the appearance or ambiance.

Not only do you want to make appropriate choices, but you also want to avoid outdated selections. So, it's time to consider some of the hot trends for interior paint for this year:

  • Warm Pastels

Last year was all about classic neutrals, which is still a viable option. However, if you want to go to the next level, opt for warm pastels. It's still about calmer tones but with a subtle hint of colour instead of sticking with safe khaki and greige options.

  • Going Organic

Maybe during self-quarantine, we saw a little too much of our own interior walls. So, why not think outside the box. By thinking past your interior walls and getting inspired by nature, your interior feels warmer and more open. Shades that mimic the sky, soft grasses, or even bamboo are the new timeless trend.

  • Black and White

For the longest time, black was taboo as far as wall coloring. Once that finally shifted, homeowners couldn't get enough of solid black for walls. However, now the shift is more towards toning that down by using the classic white partner to help create balance. The best part is that you can use black and white for walls, flooring, and even decor details in the same room without overdoing it.

Want more advice? Then make the call now to Colour Scheme Professional Painters and schedule your consultation.

As industry pros, we offer more than just skilled paint application. Our expertise extends to offering industry advice to our clients.

Make the call today, and you'll be on your way to getting the best possible service from a local Winnipeg painting contractor.

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