Colour Scheme Professional Painters

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Colour Scheme Professional Painters

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About Colour Scheme Professional Painters

We often hear people saying, "Why haven't we heard of you before?"

That question is hard to answer, but we too are always looking for people that appreciate the effort we put into providing House painting and Office Painting in Winnipeg.

Colour Scheme Professional Painters was established over 20 years ago in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Since our beginning, we have always been a local company with a professional image and are not a franchise operation.


Colour Scheme Professional Painters was started in the Fall of 1992 by Dan Precourt, in Winnipeg, with the goal of providing a superior customer experience in home and commercial painting.

Growing up in Winnipeg and working for the family construction business, the importance of service and quality was always stressed to Dan. Various exposures to the painting industry showed Dan that there was room for improvement.

As a result, Dan started his own company. Since then, Colour Scheme has not changed in its commitment to providing superior service with the best people, equipment, processes and training available.

Today we still strive to be the very best full service Painting company in Winnipeg!

If you are looking for a Winnipeg Painting Contractor then please call 204-452-3633 or complete our online request form.