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Founded Colour Scheme 1992

Like many young people, I had dreams of what I wanted to be growing up.

I played soccer and was a good student, I cut lawns for money, made flyers to grow my empire, and delivered newspapers, too. University was in my future, but what that may turn into was quite unknown.

All my role models were trades people and if I were to attend university, I would be the first male to do so in both of my extended families.

My role models were Electricians, Carpenters, Drywallers, Farmers, and so on.

Some had leveraged their desire for independence and their knowledge of a trade into a business. Business was something I gravitated towards. If I were to go to university it would be for a business degree.

I made my way to university, but it was short lived. Two years of trying to figure out what professors were saying related to my purpose, and how linear algebra might help me run, buy, or sell a business was beyond my comprehension.

Being young & now an “adult” left to my own devices, I did not attend school as much as I should & I didn’t engage in university life. I instead worked a lot at various jobs and dreamt up ideas of how to get into business. I left school.

As a senior in high school, I heard about a student painting franchise opportunity. Apparently, they would teach you how to run a business and you could make money to pay for university.

How could I find out more? During a shift working at a local restaurant, I soon found myself cleaning the table for a pair of gentlemen sharing a business lunch.

On the table was a bright yellow binder that had the name “College Pro Painters” on it. Wow, this was my opportunity. I cautiously asked a few questions & didn’t have the ability to hide my enthusiasm, so they offered me the opportunity to meet.

This is the beginning of my hands-on learning.

Now, coming from a family of tradespeople, the idea of students performing the work of skilled trades did not sit well. As time passed, I started to see where the line of enthusiasm ended and skill & experience would need to take over.

The franchise did not include the skill component nor experience. This was challenging and conflicted with my experience growing up around those that had put time in to develop their skill.

Following the end of my franchise experience, I worked the next fall/winter in a paint store where I was convinced that someone with some business sense might do well in a trade.

Painter / business owners often came into the store looking quite disheveled and their language was very unprofessional, yet they seemed quite busy and successful.

This helped me understand why people may have been inclined to hire a student business owner with a clean-cut appearance, training in customer service, and a genuine interest to do my very best.

I wondered what if I did the business part and let the skilled people do what they were best at?

This is when I started Colour Scheme Professional Painters!

In the beginning, I worked nights serving tables and days working to build a company, starting with 1 professional painter and growing until I could afford a second painter.

What a leap of faith those early painters had to take with me!

I was 21 years old & I learned quite quickly that it is hard to wear “all the hats”. Many of the people I hired did not respect me and tried to run my projects differently than I envisioned. Some didn’t show up, some came late. Some may have known more than me, but I’m not sure I was ready for that either.

This put my ego and enthusiasm through the ringer. I learned something from everyone. Even the best painters can’t do everything in the trade (though they’ll tell you they can 😊) and I can’t imagine running a business and painting, too.

By allowing each of us to do what we are best at, we are succeeding together with respect.

Today, in our 30th year of business, our whole team strives to grow personally and professionally.

Our aim is to exceed expectations and be your painter for life.

This is our “why”.

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